Portofino Hamilton is a new Aged Care and Premium Senior Living home located on the corner of Kingsford Smith Drive and Nudgee Road, in Hamilton. This magnificent new building is home to 100 beautiful and generously appointed aged care suites and 50 large and stunning apartments. What makes this place stand out from its competitors is its flexible accommodation choices offered to residents. Residents who wish to live in an apartment or suite of their own can do so, knowing 24/7 care is available to them, whatever their stage of life. This means couples with one or both persons requiring care can do so in an environment where they feel most at home.

Ian Byron, Manager of Portofino Hamilton, has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions for us so that we can get to know him.

What is your role and what does that mean?
As Manager – Portofino Hamilton, I am responsible for the wellbeing of all residents and staff and the provision of quality day to day operations of Portofino. I am also responsible for ensuring Quality Standards and all Legislative requirements are met.

What do you like most about your role?
Moving into any aged care home can often be a stressful time. I’m grateful to be able to make a difference to peoples lives during this time.

What is something positive you get to see everyday?
Of all the rewarding experiences I have in this role, the best would be being able to witness residents living life to their full capabilities.

In your opinion, what is the number one thing a manager of an aged care home needs to know or do?
After working in aged care for 13 years, I would say it is most important to know each resident and their individual needs well.

What can a resident expect when coming to Portofino Hamilton?
Short of sounding like a script, residents coming to Portofino can expect Quality Care and Services, and staff who really care about their wellbeing.

Lastly, is there anything else you would say is necessary to know?
The Vacenti PERSON model is demonstrated by all staff. PERSON is an acronym for Personalise, Empathise, Respond, Strive, Own It and Never Stop. The emphasis on the PERSON is an important philosophy that the Vacenti Group and employees live by which reminds us all to recognise that each individual person is at the centre of everything we do.

We would like to thank Ian for taking the time to share with us.

You will find Ian onsite Monday to Friday at Portofino Hamilton. He would be delighted to have a chat to or show anyone interested around the home.

If you would like more information or to speak with him directly, please call 07 3025 2100.

-Inside Portofino Hamilton