It is estimated that 52% of all residents living in residential aged care facilities have some form of dementia. At Vacenti, our expert dementia care program supports each individual to be as engaged as possible in the things they love. From the high-level of nursing and medical care, through to the carefully curated room decorations designed to spark conversation and memories, and the range of enjoyable weekly experiences and outings, Vacenti is leading the way in personcentred dementia care.

Flexible care thoughtfully customised to each individual

Every person diagnosed with Dementia has a different life story, a different memory and health support needs. Our qualified nurses and carers take the time to engage and connect with each person on a level that suits them. We find out what interests them, what they respond positively to, and how we can best support them to enjoy each day as much as possible. An important part of our care approach is not imposing a regulated structure or regime on our residents. We see our role as facilitating each person to embrace their own personal choice, with us there to help guide and support.

Care in partnership with families

We work closely with our residents’ loved ones, holding regular care consultations to ensure they are kept informed of health and progress. Our staff understand how difficult dementia can be for the families, and we encourage loved ones to visit at any time. There are no set visiting hours, and we’ll happily arrange a spare bed for those who’d like to stay the night.

An experienced and qualified multidisciplinary team

Vacenti’s multidisciplinary team comprises doctors and allied health professionals, such as occupational therapists, music therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists and dieticians. Our thorough recruitment process is designed to select carers who are aligned with the Vacenti values, and who possess the right attitude and skills to deliver exceptional dementia-specific care.