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A proud family owned company

At Vacenti, we are proud to have been providing exceptional aged care and senior living to South-East Queensland for more than 40 years. We are a family-owned company and our family values are at the core of our business.

A proud family owned company

At Vacenti, we are proud to have been providing exceptional aged care and senior living to South-East Queensland for more than 40 years. We are a family-owned company and our family values are at the core of our business.

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Family values and expert accountability driving Vacenti’s future

Vacenti is the new trading name of Queensland Rehabilitation Services (QRS), a respected aged care operator since 1973. We have been a proud family-owned Queensland business for three generations. Living at a Vacenti home means you are part of a welcoming, connected community where you truly feel you belong. Every resident is treated with warmth, integrity, respect and understanding. We work hard to develop trusting relationships with you and your loved ones to ensure we understand you and can meet your needs.

With Australia’s aged care sector facing many challenges, it can be difficult for residents and their families to know who they can trust. At Vacenti, we pride ourselves on caring for our residents like they’re members of our extended family. We also ensure that we have the right leadership in place to drive us to meet regulatory standards. In addition to this, we proactively established an Advisory Board comprising of experienced industry experts to support our leadership team and ensure complete transparency and accountability.

Since Vacenti was founded 47 years ago, family has always been at our heart. In fact, during this time three generations of the Casagrande family have proudly cared for older Queenslanders. Vacenti’s co-founders, Mario and Louisa Casagrande, established a firm mission for the business that remains just as relevant today:

“To create communities where our residents feel at home, where their uniqueness is celebrated, their independence genuinely nurtured and respected, and most importantly, where they are cared for like family.”

Family values underpin everything we do at Vacenti and we want to ensure this continues as we grow and expand. To maintain this focus, we need our business to be operating as effectively as possible, with strong strategic direction, governance and transparency.

Four years ago, Mario created the Vacenti Advisory Board, to provide the senior leadership team with balanced advice from leading industry experts. The Board acts as an additional layer of accountability that strengthens our organisational governance and ensures we’re adapting effectively to regulatory changes and industry challenges. It also ensures we continue to deliver the highest standards of care and services to those who live in our communities and provide them with the best resident experience possible.

The Board membership comprises four well-respected independent industry experts, Rolf Larsen (Chair), Peter Sydes, Lois Janetzki and Barry Ashcroft. They are joined by Vacenti Managing Director and Founder, Mario Casagrande, Co-founder, Louisa Casagrande, and Vacenti CEO, Julian Casagrande. These seven members meet together on a bi-monthly basis.

Rolf Larsen is a chartered accountant and Tax & Advisory partner at BDO Brisbane. His board experience encompasses senior living, property and construction and he is an expert in strategic planning. As a member of the Vacenti Board, he plays a crucial role in helping us develop, implement and monitor our strategic direction in line with our regulatory responsibilities.

Peter Sydes has an extensive background in the Aged Care, Community Services and other not-for-profit sectors. He brings strong senior management, governance and organisational change skills to our Board and has significant experience in developing new residential and community aged care services. His career-long focus on helping people in the wider community made him an ideal candidate to join our Board.

Lois Janetzki has worked extensively as a quality assessor with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and also as a Commonwealth-approved Nurse Advisor throughout Australia. Her experience in the aged care industry has been vital to the Board, ensuring that Vacenti is maintaining quality management systems to deliver the best possible care and service to our residents.

Our fourth external Board member is Barry Ashcroft, former CEO of Leading Age Services Australia, the peak body for the aged care industry in Queensland. Barry has over 30 years’ corporate experience in the aged care industry in a variety of leadership, development, operational, government and consulting roles and is a recognised authority in the field. The thought-leadership and vast sector experience he brings to the Board is greatly valued.

The Vacenti Advisory Board will continue to evolve into the future, and we will seek additional external expertise when it’s needed. But one thing will never change for Vacenti: Family will always be at our heart.


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